Have you been wanting to go deeper in your breathwork practice?

Do you love how breathwork makes you feel, but you are not sure how or why it’s working?

Are you a yoga teacher, breathworker, bodyworker, athlete, artist, or anything in between and want to integrate new tools for facilitation by understanding more deeply why you are doing what you are doing and how it works?

Are you wondering how your breath can be your biggest ally at this time?

Breathwork Intensive

Sharpen your breathwork toolkit and elevate your awareness for a life upgrade.

The singular tangible and fundamental constant of your entire life is your breath.

It is the ongoing invisible reality, reflective of deep inner personal workings including feelings, thoughts, and tendencies about your entire life.

Solidifying a consistent practice with a principle understanding of breathwork is a gift to every part of your life – including those parts outside of your physical body.

It’s a shame that breathwork is not taught in school, but in some ways, the best things in life are hidden in plain sight and hold treasures more valuable than the world’s most precious stones.  Some of the most important things worth learning about aren’t taught in school anyhow.

Luckily, we can still learn breathwork now.

When you know the foundational principles, you empower yourself with an ever-present resource to ground and be an anchor for those around you.

Breathwork Intensive

Learn simple and powerful breathwork practices from 1 to 30 minutes that you can share with your students and clients whether in private practice, in groups, or online.